Dwight Agan has 30 years of extensive experience executing and leading energy, environmental, enterprise software, and business projects. He has advised industry and government in making the best decisions about energy utilization and generation, optimizing economics and environmental impacts. Dwight has expertise in energy technology development and commercialization, energy market analysis, and energy use. He has specific technical experience in gas turbine, diesel engines, natural gas and electric vehicles, gas and coal fired steam, combined cycle, and cogeneration power plants, alternative energy, air emissions testing, power plant cycling cost impacts, demand-side management, geothermal energy use, gas turbine and diesel engine emissions control technologies, energy marketing analysis, and development of energy/environmental software and databases. Dwight is also experienced in analyzing lifecycle economics, performance, energy efficiency, operation, and maintenance, and thermodynamic modeling of gas turbine combined cycle plants, cogeneration power plants, steam power plants, geothermal energy use, solar energy, fluidized bed combustion systems, compressed air energy storage, fuel cells, electric vehicles and other technologies in the residential, commercial, industrial, and transportation sectors. Clients have included: Power Producers, Sacramento Municipal Utility District, Front Range Power, Smith-Enron, Southern Company, EDP, and Cinergy, NRG, PG&E, SCE, SDG&E, CPS Energy, California Energy Commission, Battelle Northwest and Lawrence Berkeley Labs, NASA. Dwight holds MS and BS degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University.

Industry Experience

Consulting; Energy


Air quality; Alternative energy; Energy Generation; Engineering; Hardware Technology Development; Project Development; Technology Assessment

Universities Mentored For

Rice University, Stanford University, University of Washington

Dwight Agan


Palo Alto, California

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