Dr. Erika Spaeth is currently leading the regulatory affairs and quality control division of Gene by Gene, a Houston-based molecular genetics company involved in genetic ancestry, personalized medicine and clinical diagnostics. Prior to joining Gene by Gene, Erika was a researcher in the biomedical sciences in Houston's Texas Medical Center at UT Houston and MD Anderson Cancer Center. Her research focused
on the tumor microenvironment, specifically the involvement of stem cells in the modulation of the tumor (both solid and hematological malignancies). She worked on gene delivery vehicles, targeted therapeutics against tumor/tumor stroma, and studied the function of the bone marrow and stromal niches in tumor progression. Erika also worked for a year and a half for Quattromed, an Estonian biotech company researching molecular diagnostic applications for bacterial and viral pathogens.
Erika has published in peer-reviewed journals and book chapters, and likewise has served as a peer-reviewer for several journals. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in molecular biology from the University of Connecticut. She received her PhD and completed her post-doctoral work at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Industry Experience

Health, medical, genomics


Health, genomics, health regulatory compliance

Universities Mentored For

Northwestern University, Rice University

Erika Spaeth, M.D

Gene by Gene

Houston, Texas

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