Dr. Gary W. Beall (Texas State University, College of Sciences) has a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Baylor University. Dr. Beall’s first job out of graduate school was at Oak Ridge National Laboratory where he conducted research on the environmental fate of actinides originating from the civilian nuclear fuel cycle. He then moved to industry for 21 years during which he served as researcher, group leader, technical director, and vice president for a number of different companies and also founded his own company.

The central theme of the research conducted during this period was applications of surface modified clay nanoparticles in paint, cosmetics, grease, pharmaceuticals, cat litter, water treatment, and polymers. He has over 100 publications in refereed journals and 48 US patents in his name. Dr. Beall co-edited the first book written on polymer/clay nanocomposites in 2000 and just published the second on the subject in 2011 coauthored with Dr. Clois Powell. Dr. Beall is well known for his work on nanoparticles (especially smectic type of nanoparticles) and their surface modification and application in a multitude of application areas.

Recent research interests include low cost synthesis of graphenes and other 2-D systems. He is currently Full Professor in the department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Formosa Endowed Chair, Director of the Center for Nanophase Research, Associate Director of the Materials Science, Engineering, and Commercialization program, and Associate Dean of Research and Commercialization for the College of Science at Texas State University. Dr. Beall is also currently serving as an Adjunct Professor at Lamar University in the department of Chemical Engineering, science advisor and adjunct professor for Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, and Distinguished adjunct professor for King Abdulaziz University, SA. He is chairman of the board for SioTex Inc. and is also involved in several university spin outs.

Industry Experience

Building Products/Material, Chemicals, Energy Storage, Environment, Material/Metal, and Material/Metal Manufacturing.


Chemistry, Research, Nanotechnology, Nanomaterials, Nanocomposites, Spectroscopy, Polymers, Project Development, University Spin Outs.

Universities Mentored For

Rice, University of Michigan, University of Louisville

Gary Beall

Texas State University

San Marcos, Texas

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