Mark Homan is operations executive with strong expertise in several areas including the smart grid and the internet of things. Mark is skilled at using data to make better, faster decisions to increase process effectiveness, service levels, customer satisfaction, and profits while reducing defects, cycle time, and costs.
Transformational results (55-99% improvements) in a variety of startup and high-volume roles using operations research (data science). He has several years of line management experience at Cisco Systems in customer service, supply chain, program management, finance, and operations strategy. Programmatic experience in sales operations. Led teams of up to 1,300 people and $60M in budget authority. International - have conducted business, including negotiating contracts, in nine countries and cultures (India, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Egypt, Amsterdam, US, UK). Mark holds an MBA from the Kellogg School at Northwestern University, an Masters in Engineering Management from Northwestern and a BS in Operations Research from Cornell University.

Industry Experience

Smart Grid; Communications; Consulting; Elec Equipment; Energy Efficiency; Enterprise Software and IT


Coaching; E-Commerce; Economics; General Business Management; General technology; Hardware Technology Development; Information technology

Universities Mentored For

University of Michigan

Mark Homan

San Francisco Bay Area

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