Sam Burd is the Founder and CEO of Medical and Biotech Developments, Inc., a company with in-depth experience in all phases of bringing medical and biotech products from conception into reality. Sam has broad expertise in research technologies, developing new products, start-up production, troubleshooting technical problems, and assisting with regulatory compliance. He brings years of experience in assisting companies with starting-up businesses, optimizing resource usage, expanding venture companies, and growing product lines. Clients served include: Affymetrix, Am Hospital Supply (now Baxter), Applied BioSys (Perkin-Elmer), AutoMate Scientific, Becton Dickinson, Bio-Rad Labs, BioSearch Technologies, Cardeon, Cepheid, Clarity Medical Sys, Cordis Dow, Dako, Dionex, EndoSonics, FiberStars, Fluidigm, Fluidigm, Furon, HDC Corp, Incyte Pharmaceuticals, LabVision (now Thermo Fisher), LJL BioSystems (now Molecular Devices), MedSource, MicroModule Systems, Molecular Sensing, New England School of Medicine, Panomics, Sepragen, Tufts Medical Center, Unilever, Vysis (now Abbott Labs). His specialties include: Product development, engineering, medical, biotech, starting entrepreneurial companies, business development, high volume consumables through capital equipment, Mechanical, plastics, fluid handling micro to large scale, hydraulics, pneumatics, electromechanical, optical interfaces, heat transfer, microprocessor controlled systems. Sam lectured for 9 years in a University of California, Berkeley course entitled "Starting Entrepreneurial Companies." Sam holds an MBA from Pepperdine University, and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Northeastern University.

Industry Experience

Medical Devices; Life sciences; Consulting


General business management, technology commercialization; medical devices.

Universities Mentored For

Rice University, UC Berkeley

Sam Burd

MBD -- Medical and Biotech Developments, Inc.

San Francisco, California

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