Sandeep Akkaraju is a serial entrepreneur with a background in technology startups. Most recently, Sandeep founded Jyve Inc, to develop chipsets and software for always-on location and activity aware computing. Jyve was acquired by a major semiconductor corporation at an exit valuation of over $60M. Previously, Sandeep was the CEO of IntelliSense Corporation a leading provider of MEMS and Nanotechnology based software and solutions. Under his guidance, IntelliSense expanded its its physical presence into China and India and its sales presence into over 30 countries. In the 1990's, as head of the Hardware Business Unit at IntelliSense Corporation, Sandeep helped the company rapidly grow from a startup to the eventual acquisition of IntelliSense at a valuation of $750 M. In 2003, he led the re-acquisition of IntelliSense from Corning. He was responsible for the turning around the company back to profitability and 100% year over year growth. In 2007, IntelliSense received the 'Enabling Technology of the Year' award from Frost and Sullivan and is recognized as one of the top 20 Micro/Nano suppliers. Sandeep holds an B.Tech from the Indian Institute of Technology, an M.S. from LSU and an M.B.A from INSEAD, France.

Industry Experience

Consulting, Hardware; Software


General Business Management; General Entrepreneurship; Hardware Technology Development; Information technology; Strategy

Universities Mentored For

Rice University, Stanford University

Sandeep Akkaraju


Boston, Massachusetts

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