EFN mentors over 150 early stage ventures each year.

Overall, EFN has mentored over 1000 teams, more than 120 have been funded raising more than $220 million. Several have been acquired.

EFN’s iCatalysts is an invitation only accelerator program that helps young entrepreneurs coming out of universities bridge to a sustainable commercial life. This mentor-based accelerator helps teams strengthen their competitive position with intensive mentoring, expert advice, and increased access to investors and pilot customers. Teams present to top Silicon Valley Investors at our Young American Technology Leaders Event August 3, 2017.

The 36 teams in the 2014-2016 iCatalysts programs raised more than $40 million during after the program. Over 90% of these teams have launched businesses and are operating today.

Check out our 2017 iCatalysts cohort. Click Read More to view each venture’s details.








GO Leaf

GO Leaf believes it is at the forefront of the Graphene industry, because they aim to solve the biggest problems the market has – price and scalability of producing this ‘wonder’ material. Graphene is a one-atom thick layer of carbon, with remarkable properties in countless industries, including clean tech, aerospace, water desalination, structural materials, display screens and drug delivery.   GO Leaf’s team of materials scientists and chemical engineers do this through a patent-pending, production method. Read More…

Arsheen Allam, Meagan Pagliara, Sabyasachi Sarkar Thomas Jensen, Daniel Colbert Materials, Energy 2017

Allstacks is a SaaS company bringing data science and predictive analytics to software development organizations. Allstacks delivers quantitative insights to project managers so they can understand their team’s performance and proactively remove roadblocks. Read More.

Jeremy Freeman, Hersh Tapadia Software Development, Data Analytics 2017

TX2O is a regenerative wastewater treatment company which has developed a regenerable eco-friendly canister that is used in treatment of industrial waste water, especially waste water from oil industry, where the water is contaminated with hydrocarbons . Read More

Archana Gujjari, Chris Manspeaker, Gary Beall Steven Messner Water Conservation 2017
Luso Labs

Luso Labs aims to provide automated, accurate and accessible cervical cancer screening around the world. Rural areas in low and middle-income countries (LMICs) lack the resources needed to provide annual pap smears. Luso Labs will meet this clinical need for improved cervical cancer screening with the cerVIA system. Through an easy-to-use image acquisition device, cerVIA provides healthcare workers with computer-aided analyses of patient VIA images for cancerous cervical lesions. Read More.

Brandon Wilson, Jahrane Dale, Riancy Li, Olachi Oleru, Ritish Patnaik, Cameron Statton, Stephanie Yang Healthcare, Medical Diagnostics Devices, Cancer Screening 2017

NovoThelium has developed a technology that enables women to regenerate a nipple made from
their own cells after mastectomy. With their patent-­pending technology, they have created a nipple
areolar complex (NAC) scaffold from human decellularized NAC allograft tissue. Read More.

Bianca Cerqueira, Lauren Cornell Mary Spaeth Biomedical 2017
Swift Coat

In the solar industry, capital expenses are high and the margins are low due to the silver and ITO layers within the solar cells that account for 20% of the manufacturing cost and 21% of the capital expense for the manufacturing line. Swift Coat has developed a nanoparticle coating to replace the expensive silver and ITO layers.  Read More

Peter Firth, Zachary Holman David Arscott , Daniel Colbert, Thomas Jensen Materials, Solar, 2017
HealthTech Solutions

HealthTech Solutions is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company modernizing communication in the organ transplant industry. Organ transplant is a complicated, time-sensitive process that currently relies on phones and fax machines. Read More.

Dalton Shaull, Eric Pahl, Navid Amini, Thomas Hornbeck Michael Moon Healthcare, Organ Network 2017
TC Poly

Heat removal in electronic devices is becoming increasingly difficult due to their ever growing computing power requirements and continued size and weight reductions. As electronic devices heat up, they fail faster and have poorer performance. TCPoly manufactures a new type of plastic that dissipates heat well and can be used as the plastic housing and casing material in consumer electronic devices.Read More.

Thomas Bougher, Mathew Smith Dave Perry, Daniel Colbert Materials, Electronics 2017
Forest Devices

Forest Devices is a medical device startup located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They are the creators of ALPHASTROKE, the first stroke screening device that can potentially be used by all medical personnel in any environment. The product will enable early and fast triage so stroke patients go to the appropriate level of care. Read more.

Matt Kesinger, Alessandro Migliuolo, Carmelo Montalvo, Steve Morrow, Dan Willis Medical Devices, Stroke Management 2017
Lilac Solutions

Lilac is developing unique ion exchange materials to absorb lithium from brine resources. Lithium producers are acquiring brine resources in Nevada, Canada, and around the world to meet demand for electric vehicles. However, producers need new technology to extract lithium from the brine. Read More.

Alexander Grant, Mohammadreza Karamad, David Snydacker, Ryan Zarkesh Daniel Colbert, Thomas Jensen Lithium, Mining, Batteries, Materials 2017
Alleviant Medical

Alleviant Medical is a Houston-based company developing next generation devices for treating heart failure.  They focus on providing symptomatic relief and improved quality of life for over 6 million patients suffering from this disease. Their patent pending transcatheter device is a simple, single-use disposable that relieves pressure buildup in the left atrium of the heart, which is the key driver of heart failure symptoms. Read More.

Alex Arevalos, Albertien Greijdanus, Avni Patel, and Jacob Kriegel Richard DiMonda Medical Devices 2017

Winner of a grand prize at the African Entrepreneurship Challenge, Moldiag produces more affordable kits to test for breast cancer and Hepititis C, allowing millions more Africans to be tested and treated.    Moldiag’s kits are clinically validated as accurate, simple and very cost-effective. Read More….

Abdeladim Moumen, Hassan Ait Benhassou, Abdelahak Ammani Thomas Jensen Health Diagnostics 2016

Each year, industries in the United States throw away 2.5 billion tons of carbon dioxide, simply because they have no other use for CO2. What if those emissions never reached the air? What if, instead, they were transformed into valuable assets for the economy?

OPUS 12 is developing revolutionary technology that transforms CO2 emissions into high-volume liquid fuels and chemicals, using only water and clean electricity as inputs. Read more…

Etosha Cave, Kendra Kuhl, and Nicholas Flanders Steven Messner Industrial, clean fuels 2014

Arovia, Inc. has created SPUD, the Spontaneous Pop-up Display.  SPUD is the world’s first high resolution, 24-inch computer screen that collapses to the size of a small umbrella and weighs less than a pound.  Read more…

Alexander Wesley, George Zhu Thomas Jensen, Dave Perry Consumer Electronics 2015
Swine Tech

SwineTech is striving to be a leading producer of farrowing monitoring systems for sow farms in the pork industry. SwineTech creates solutions to reduce the amount of piglets that die on farrowing facilities because they are being crushed by sows. SwineTech?s mission is to help farmers increase production in order to play their part in helping feed the world. Read more…

Thomas Jensen Sustainable Agriculture

SPLT is an enterprise-first ridesharing platform that connects employees within organizations to share their commute. SPLT fills empty seats in vehicles for employees traveling from similar origins and creates inter-corporate connections. The product functions as a 21st century B2B commuter “smart” carpool service for employers seeking to provide a much needed transportation solution to employees. Read more…

Anya Babbitt, Ben Seidman, Justin Zablocki, Kristin Welch, Yale Zhang Thomas Jensen, David Arscott , Steven Messner Transportation/Trucking/Railroad 2014

RateFrame is an online system that tracks reactions to videos and allows users to visually highlight their favorite parts of online videos, play them back and share them with friends. Read more… 

Seth Squadron Raymond Beauchamp, Michael Moon Information Technology and Services 2015

Neurable’s mission is to bring the next generation of brain-computer interface technology to world for use in consumer products. Neurable has developed technology that allows humans to control hardware or software in real time using only the power of their thoughts. Read More…


Ramses Alcaide, Adam Molnar David Arscott , Craig Brennan, Stavros Lee Gaming, Brain-Computer Interface Technology 2015

Nearly half of child deaths occur in the neonatal period, and 80% are due to preventable causes. Hospitals in developing countries are severely challenged by limited manpower and equipment, and newborns suffer from this strain because they are especially vulnerable in their first few days of life. Low-resource hospitals lack sufficient staff to manually measure newborns’ vital signs at the necessary intervals, and babies in distress often go unnoticed while nurses are occupied elsewhere. The mission of Neopenda is to provide an affordable, easy-to-use method to continuously monitor vital signs of critically ill newborns in these settings. Read more…

Sona Shah, Teresa Cauvel, Rebecca Peyser Mary Spaeth, Dinesh Semmakurdy, Akshat Shah Neonatology 2015
Grow Bioplastics

At Grow Bioplastics, we have turned to nature to find a solution to the problem of petroleum based plastics. We have developed a family of innovative, homegrown, high-performance plastic and rubber materials based on lignin.   Read more…

Tony Bova Thomas Jensen, Knud Balslev Food Sustainability and Agriculture
DV Tech

DV Tech is commercializing an innovative process that will disrupt the synthetic rubber manufacturing industry. DV Tech will use its patent pending technology to return vulcanized rubber to its virgin form. Our product, re-SBR, is a substitute for synthetic rubber in existing manufacturing processes, closing the loop on the rubber life cycle. Read more… 

David Gollinger, Scott Hougham Gary Beall, Thomas Jensen Rubber Manufacturing and Waste Management
MDAR Technologies

MDAR has developed a proprietary next-generation 3D scanner that enables machines to see accurately in full outdoor sunlight at video rates— first for 3D scanners. On the road, our technology enables self-driving cars to see faster and more accurately in snow, fog, and on dusty country roads. This is a key step for achieving mass-scale adoption of fully-autonomous vehicles. Read more…

Chris Gezon and Alex Wearn Mark Weidick, Manish Sharma Industrial Imaging 2015
D&P Bioinnovations

D&P Bioinnovations is developing an implantable, bioresorbable medical device to regenerate a damaged esophagus. This device aims to treat esophageal cancer patients and pediatric patients suffering from long gap esophageal atresia (birth defect with gaps in the esophagus) and/or caustic ingestion of poisons. Read more…

Derek Dashti, Karolina Kosakowska, Mariya Kopynets, and Nicholas Pashos. Elona Baum, Gary Woolfe Bio-Medical
Stasis Labs

Stasis Labs provides an affordable continuous patient monitoring system for hospitals and clinics in the developing world.  Read more…

Dinesh Seemakurty Mary Spaeth, Elona Baum Hospital information systems, vital signs monitoring 2015

RelishMBA is an online recruiting platform for MBAs, MBA recruiting companies, and Career Services at MBA schools, designed to enhance and facilitate the on-campus recruiting environment and streamline off-campus recruiting processes.  Read more…

Zach Mayo, Sarah Rumbaugh Thomas Jensen, Nate Alder Internet, job and career services 2015

Resumazing provides automated data driven resume advice, helping people statistically improve their chances of landing their dream job.   Read more…

Kevin Lyman, Shankar Rao, Joseph Schiavone Thomas Jensen, Nate Alder, Jay Grant Big data, Internet, job and career services 2015

Innsystec will be revolutionizing wireless data tranmission with its own transmitter that will save up to 40% of energy in macro base stations  Read more…

Ahmed Farouk, Junqing Guan, Ralf Schmelter Paul Kallmes Electronics, communications equipment 2015
Adrastia Biotech

Adrastia Biotech is developing a simple non-invasive solution for detection of breast cancer using the patient’s urine.  The company is developing an assay of breast cancer that can be detected in urine and results in a less expensive, highly sensitive detection system.  Many women, such as Angelina Jolie, are finding through genetic testing they may carry a gene for breast cancer. Currently, there is not a way to monitor these women for activation of the breast cancer genes.    Read more…

Gary Hooper, Angela Courtney, Michael Gilson, Sheryl McDaniel-Burrell Thomas Jensen Breast cancer diagnostics, biotech 2015

Hyliion is disrupting the shipping industry by developing green technologies to create a more eco friendly environment.  Hyliion is hybridizing big rig truck suspension systems to reduce fuel consumption.  Read more…

Hayden Cardiff, Thomas Healy Thomas Jensen Clean tech, transportation 2015
KiLife Tech

Kiband is the first product in the KiLife Tech family of products. Kiband is a wearable child smartband giving parents peace-of-mind that they can hands-free prevent a wandering child from becoming a lost child while giving their children the independence to safely explore the world around them. The Kiband has five (5) unique features that differentiate it from anything else available on the market.  Read more…

Spencer Behrend, Jordan Baczuk, Jeffrey Hall, , Kaitlyn Spell Lee Bruno Child safety, Internet of Things, Wearables 2015



Emreso has developed a new electromagnetic geophysical method of monitoring fluid/gas movement at the oil-field scale during secondary or enhanced oil recoveries that helps operators control reservoir behavior, improve oil sweep efficiency, and monitor carbon sequestration. Our technology has a number of important advantages.  Read more

Boris Aleynik Nathan Cherry, Thomas Jensen Oil and gas 2015
Mupor Technologies

MuPor Technologies (MPT) has a patent pending biocatalyst bead technology (BioEx beads) which produces ethanol in a more sustainable way than current fermentation practices. BioEx beads increases ethanol yield from current 88 – 90% to 95% and decreases production time from 36 hours to 6 hours. Increasing the fermentation rate with BioEx beads prevents excessive foam formation, a common problem of fast fermentation requiring expensive anti-foam agents. The results are reduced production costs, increased ethanol yield, and more sustainable production.

Tushar Jain Michael Kollins, Energy, biofuels 2013
Bit Harmonics

Bit Harmonics designs affordable home energy monitoring solutions to improve the condition of living and aging at home for over 40 million American seniors. Traditional household energy meters measure how much energy is consumed, but not how it is used. Bit Harmonics applies patent pending machine learning techniques to solve this data gap and more. By building detailed analytical profiles of energy use in the home, our flagship product patterns out human-device interactions, recommending actions for better living and bigger energy savings.

Charles Baron, Kate Goldstein, Jake Whitcomb Energy efficiency 2013

Picasolar’s Hydrogen Super Emitter (HSE) process increases solar cell conversion efficiency while reducing the number of silver gridlines. This enables a manufacturer to save money through reduced materials use (silver is the second most costly part of cell processing) while increasing the total watts produced (increased efficiency).

Matthew Young Ed Church , Rakesh Radhakrishnan Renewable energy 2013
d.light Designs

d.light’s purpose is to create new freedoms for customers without access to reliable power so they can enjoy a brighter future.  They design, manufacture and distribute solar light and power products throughout the developing world. d.light’s aim to transform the lives of at least 100 million people by 2020, and have reached 50 million since founding.  Read more.

Ned Tozen, Sam Goldman, Donn Tice, Al Wood Lighting, energy 2016
Effortless Energy

Effortless Energy pays for smart home upgrades like better insulation and sealing air leaks, helping keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Effortless uses smart algorithyms to forecast energy savings. Semi-finalist Rice Business Plan Competition.

Claire Tramm Energy efficiency, eneryg finance 2013
Citrine Informatics

Citrine use data aggregation and machine learning to develop new advanced materials, in areas ranging from catalysis to energy, far faster than has ever been done before. Citrine is disrupting the traditional materials industry with a radically low-cost, all-software R&D approach, akin to the fabless semiconductor model. Their short-term revenue source is selling subscription access to data, and our longer-term moonshot is developing blockbuster new materials.

Gregory Mulholland, Bryce Meredig, Kyle Michel energy, materials, big data 2013
SiNode Systems

SiNode Systems is a battery materials company developing silicon graphene anodes for the next generation of lithium-ion batteries. SiNode anodes offer 10X higher battery capacity and a 10X decrease in charging time compared with current technology. SiNode seeks to change the landscape for Li-ion batteries so they can meet the demands of a wide range of industries, from consumer electronics to electric vehicles. Winner of Department of Energy Business Plan Competition.

Samir Mayekar, Cary Hayner, Joshua Lau Lee Bruno Batteries, energy 2013
Bearing Analytics

Bearing Analytics offers industrial system owners the most accurate rotating equipment monitoring and failure prediction solutions available, improving asset management and operational efficiency, while decreasing downtime and business interruption cost. The key differentiator of the technology is the ability to place a harsh-environment, robust sensor directly on the bearing cage, which offers significantly improved response time and resolution as compared to all competing products. Our customers are part of the $2B industrial-use bearings segment of the $6.6B bearing industry in the United States, who lose an annual $50B in avoidable bearing failures.

Anurag Garg, Lokesh Gupta Merlin Schulze Industrial sensors, engine performance, energy efficiency 2013
Carbon Lighthouse

Carbon Lighthouse makes it profitable for commercial and industrial buildings to become carbon neutral. By collecting and analyzing 1,000x more data than typically gathered in buildings, we are able to deliver energy efficiency projects that cut utility costs by 10% to 30% with little to no new capital.

In the past two years, Carbon Lighthouse has completed 100+ projects in California and Oregon, delivering average savings of $2.84 per square foot, and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 40,000,000 pounds.

Brenden Millstein, Raphael Rosen Energy efficiency 2010

SampurnEarth envisions a world where waste is transformed into utilizable resources without exploitation of people or the planet. In Mumbai, India, a city of 13 million people, the company provides end-to-end decentralized waste management solutions including recycling and bio gas units for housing societies, corporate houses, townships, school and college campuses, etc.  Winner of the Global Social Venture Competition out of 700 teams.  Read more...

Debartha Banerjee Thomas Jensen Recycling, social impact 2014
Nanoly Bioscience

Nanoly’s core product, NanoShield, is a polymeric mesh that encapsulates and protects the vaccine making refrigeration unnecessary which would have huge benefits in parts of the developing world. Winner or finalists of several competitions including the Duke Start up Challenge and the Global Social Entrepreneurship Competition. Finalist for the Tech Awards.  Read more…

Balaji SridHar, Mark Tibbitt, Nanxi Liu, Peter Matheu, Ting-Ting Zhou, Oyvind Hatlevik and Daniel Alge John Raabo Nielsen, Thomas Jensen Bioscience, vacines 2014
Spouts of Water

The first ceramic water filter factory in Uganda, SPOUTS offers the first effective and affordable household water filters to end users and as the unique opportunity to create paradigm shifts in the clean water sphere in Uganda. Finalist in Rice Business Plan Competition and winner of the Shell Clean Water Prize, Harvard President’s Challenge Finalist, Dell Innovation Challenge, Semi-finalist. Read more….

Kathy Ku, John Kye, Suvai Gunasekaran, Annie McCarthy and Josiah Bonsey Edward Chan-Lizardo , Duane Dunk, Thomas Jensen Water filtration, social impact 2014
Wavve Stream

Wavve Stream produces a patented nanotechnology-coating product that significantly enhances the effectiveness of water filter membranes. Wavve’s go-to-market strategy is to OEM their patented liquid to existing water filter companies all through an efficient and economically feasible solution.    Read more…

Eric Beydoun, Valeria Bernadac, Julia Loennegren, Ivette Rubio , Debora Rodrigues Duane Dunk, Thomas Jensen, Leo Pedersen Water filtration and associated coating materials 2014

PolyDrop’s patented technology enhances the electrostatic discharge capabilities of coatings used in the aerospace industry. The PolyDrop formulation utilizes a proprietary, conjugated polymer nanotechnology with a doping process to obtain a product that is introduced into coatings as a liquid additive. PolyDrop’s technology also helps aircraft manufacturers to obtain the weight reduction they desire.  Won the Heinlein Commercial Space Activity prize.   Read more...

Volha Hrechka and Gregory Newbloom Daniel Colbert Industrial materials, plastics 2014

3D printing is changing the way that we manufacture everything. NVBOTS has invented, manufactures and leases the world’s first fully-automated cloud connected 3D printer. Our unique automated 3D printer enables our customers to 3D print 24-7 without any human intervention. We lease our 3D printers on a yearly basis to drive a premium price point to ensure recurring consumables revenue and capture recurring cloud services fees.  Printer showcased by President Obama at the White House.  Read more…

AJ Perez, Forrest Pieper, Mateo Peña Doll and Christopher Haid Lee Bruno, Raymond Beauchamp Advanced manufacturing, 3 D printing 2014

Nikweli’s connect the low-income, low-skilled blue-collar workers in Tanzania with high-quality private sector jobs. Our venture addresses the job market failure in Tanzania through creation of an innovative job marketplace platform with an online and mobile access and provision of job matching services for both employees and employers. Finalist in Rice Business Plan Competition and Demo Africa.  Read more…

Agnieszka Lyniewska and Tiffany Tong Nikolas Fotilas , Thomas Jensen Economic development and social impact 2014

Innoblative Designs, Inc. is a medical device company dedicated to commercializing a novel technology that will make the treatment of early-stage breast cancer better. Developed by a team of surgeons and graduate students at Northwestern University, the company’s disposable radiofrequency ablation (RFA) probe can be used intra-operatively to destroy residual cancer left after the removal of a breast tumor (lumpectomy). thus reducing or eliminating the need for re-operations and dangerous, lengthy, and expensive radiation. Winner or finalist in several competitions including winning at Venture Lab at University of Texas, Austin.  Read more…

Tyler Wanke, Dan McCarthy, Adam Piotrowski and Jason Sandler Mary Spaeth, Erika Spaeth, M.D Medical device 2014

FocalCast is a mobile application that allows mobile users to present PowerPoints from their tablet or smartphone directly to a display device. The application takes advantage of a new wireless technology, WiFi Direct, which since 2014 has been included in many products such as Epson projectors and Samsung SmartTVs. Won funding at Rice Business Plan Competition.   Read more…

Charlie Beckwith and Devon Turner Michael Moon Mobile and business services 2014

Edenworks aims to satisfy unmet urban demand for local high-quality produce more conveniently than traditional supermarkets. They build high-tech rooftop aquaponic greenhouses using a proprietary combination of hardware and software to optimize environments for different crops, then they sell the food direct to consumer through subscription. They have a 1,000 sq ft prototype farm in Brooklyn.   Read more…

Jason Green, Ben Silverman and Matt La Rosa Wayne Larocque Retail food 2014
A76 Technologies

A-76 Technologies is a corrosion inhibitor and lubricants manufacturing company, providing solutions to a wide range of industries, including oil and gas, maritime, transportation, and household applications.    Based on Rice University Technology and since being founded in 2013 A-76 has attracted strong support from the investment community and offers a full line of anti-corrosion products throughout the US.    Read more...

Lauren Thompson and Tim Aramil Erhan Eren, Wren Kabir, Industrial 2014

Developing an affordable, long-lasting, reusable technology, that, when dipped in sugary water, generates enough electricity to charge a cell phone overnight. Targeted for developing countries without reliable electrical infrastructure and for camping.  Semi-finalist Rice Business Plan Competition.  Read more…

Santiago Rojas Carbonell and Joe Doherty Wayne Larocque, Carlos Gorricho , Justin Bocian Customer products and social venture 2014

Retention is a issue analytics and user management platform for mobile app developers. Mobile app developers can not only find the issues in the app, but also manage devices and users from the same platform.      Read more…

Amritanshu Anand Dinesh Katiyar, Smita Shrivastava, Mobile device software 2014

CrowdTunes is replacing expensive, non-interactive music sources with a social, game-ified music marketplace that drives venue sales and is powered from patrons’ phones.  Delivered on an i-Pad, CrowdTunes is making a splash in Raleigh-Durham.   Finalist in Duke Startup Challenge and other competitions.   Read more…

Brandon Magsamen, Rob Witman, Lee Kornfeld, Phil Jacobsen, Joe Bartell, Davis Gossage Raymond Beauchamp Entertainment and mobile applications 2014