University Programs

University innovation, entrepreneurial and technology commercialization programs that effectively connect to a broader entrepreneurial ecosystem and integrate well organized and managed mentors can substantially improve the success of teams in getting funded and other important outcomes.

The teams in our current iCatalysts cohort have raised more than $6 million.  Primary sectors are energy, clean tech, IT and health. . The teams were founded at several top universities including Duke, Harvard, Indian Institute of Technology, MIT, University of Washington, Rice University, London Business School and other US universities.  Overall, we have mentored or coached over 800 teams. More than 120 have been funded and raised more than $100 million.


In writing about our mentor-based program at Rice University, Fortune Magazine credited our program with often “making difference between student project and a real life business.”

“Teams in the Rice Business Plan Competition from the World’s top universities place a very high value on the business mentoring EFN provides. We look forward to continuing to offer high quality mentorship to RBPC teams in partnership with EFN.”

Brad Burke, Managing Director, Rice University Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship

iCatalysts provides a acceleration and technology transfer services to universities and also offer an acceleration service to a group of teams from the same university or institution.

For example, we provide technology commercialization and transfer assistance to the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Discovery to Product Program.

EFN also welcomes opportunities to support individual teams referred to our iCatalysts program from university and institutional clients.

EFN also offers licensing our cloud-based venture-mentor accelerator management application.