Corporate and Business Programs

iCatalysts is an innovation strategy and solutions firm with deep expertise in the banking, energy, materials, industrial, telecommunications and utilities industries providing strategy, marketplace and acceleration solutions.

Corporate or business-sponsored innovation,  invention and  technology commercialization programs that effectively connect to the broader innovation ecosystem including small companies,  universities and external experts, substantially improve their success.

iCatalysts and our partner EFN supports collaborative projects between corporations and the broader ecosystem. For example, we have led collaborative, open innovation projects with AT&T, Avery Dennison, Bank of Africa, Bank of America, General Electric, JD Power, PG&E, San Diego Gas and Electric, Sacramento Municipal Utility, District, Whirlpool and other companies.

With our partner, Ideapoke, we also help companies search for, find and prioritize companies and their products that can meet your prototyping and product component requirements.

Events and Competitions

In addition to collaborative projects, iCatalysts designs and manages workshops, hack-a-thons, and pitch offs that engage innovators and students to help solve invention and innovation challenges that corporations face. These events provide several benefits to corporations, innovators, universities and students alike including finding a job, recruiting, and collaborative problem-solving.

iCatalysts promotes and manages invention and business plan competitions for companies that seek to recognize student achievement. We leverage a world class online competition platform provided by our platform partner, Skipso Labs,  to accept and screen applications and manage early round judging.

Other Services

iCatalysts provides project funding development services leveraging our database of more than 100 sources and thousands of potential collaborators.

For companies, universities and agencies, we provide technology and company due diligence drawing on our network of more than 30 technology and market experts.

iCatalysts has provided innovation training to more than 500 professionals. Topics include innovator coaching, project development and funding, and grant writing.

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